Top 4 ranked will receive a graphic award each month.
There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place showing.

Each month when a member site wins 1st Place a graphic trophy will be given out.
The winning site will then have to take a 3 month leave from this topsite.
Your vote code will remain but you can't link to it until the time has expired and you can be active again.
This topsite runs 12 months out of the year and you are not penalized for inactive votes.

All awards will be posted to this page no later than a week from the end of each month.

Congratulations!! Here are the top 4 winners of September 2011
Please right click and then save award to your computer.



This topsite is dedicated to all who are inspired to create beautiful things.
All Family-Oriented Sites of all varieties in nature are welcomed here.
Also any graphics to webpage design, game developers to book illustrators and poets.
There is a wide scope of artists big and small influencing all of us.
This is where you can place your talented site and receive recognition.

There are no sites that will be turned down to join here except:
Any that outright display or are linking to pornographic sites. No explicit adult content.
No animal or child abuse will be allowed on this topsite.
Any form of racism that is targeted to any person, place or thing.
Spammers will be reported so don't try to join you will be denied.

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